Forever and always.


I'm felling very grateful :) . Something had turn back to normal just like before . yes , that is really what i want :')  . I just miss it so much . thankyouuu for the someone who had brighten up my dayyy . you know what , just with our small , stupid conversations are really mean to me than you'll ever know! haha i dont know why you are so special to me . We've know each other almost one year :) . i still remember our first met , HAHA it was really funny . the first time you told me you like me . your first text :'D . yeah i still remember about our old feelings . i still remember the way you look at me . the way you ' tinjau ' me from your class which is only next to my class . the way you spoke to me . the way you ' hai ' at me as you are ashamed to speak to me . the way you told me how happy you were when you were with me . act , there are many more things that i still remember about us :) i'm hoping that you still remember all those things too . for me , my feelings towards you are still the same and never change . believe me . i knoww we're still young , but i'm praying that you'll be the only one for me . amiin . I really want both of us suceed in our studies and in future as well . i'll always support you!  just only you know , i still love you :')

Truely, Nurul Aqilah bt. Mihat